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Boy's Wilderness Pack Trip

Here at Cornucopia Lodge, we are passionate about educating our young people in back country skills, survival techniques and teaching them to love the outdoors as much as we do.  They are the future and if they are going to be entrusted with the protection of our wild lands, they need to love it and understand it. 

For boy’s ages 12-17, with or without their fathers, this camp is designed simply to help foster each boy’s interest in, and experience with, the back country. They will assist with all aspects of the trip including horse care, fire building, tent placement, meals, etc. Additionally, as the opportunity arises, they will receive instruction in flora and fauna identification, rudimentary survival skills, orienteering and other basic outdoor skills.

Their first night will be spent in our on-site wall-tent camp where they will be assigned their riding animals, given guidelines and prepared for their next 3 days in the wilderness.  Days 2-4 will be spent at a wilderness camp, where they will be introduced to the above skills, given opportunity to practice (with much supervision) and where they will gain confidence, patience and basic skills.

Cost is $600/person and camp is limited to 8 people.

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