Wilderness Horse Camp Descriptions

Located at the edge of the Eagle Cap Wilderness in eastern Oregon, Wilderness Horse Camp (WHC) is uniquely suited to expanding and solidifying western trail riding skills and back country knowledge. Offering residential camps for girls, and wilderness pack trips for boys, we strive to pass on our love and passion for the outdoors to future generations.


Girl’s resident wilderness horse camp

For girl’s ages 10-17, offering both the Original 7-day and 5-day Wilderness Horse Camps as well as two Specialty Weeks (Ranch Week and Pack Trip Week) and of course, our “Saddle Club” for Novice or young (10-12) riders. This is the perfect camp for that horse-crazy teenage girl. Click on the camp title to the left for more detailed info on each camp.


boy’s wilderness skills pack trip

For boy’s ages 12-17, with or without their fathers, this camp is designed simply to help foster each boy’s interest in, and experience with, the back country. They will assist with all aspects of the trip including horse care, fire building, tent placement, meals, etc. Additionally, as the opportunity arises, they will receive instruction in flora and fauna identification, rudimentary survival skills, orienteering and other basic outdoor skills.



Imagine a weekend of relaxing in the beautiful Eagle Cap Wilderness area riding the trails, and looking at breathtaking scenery you won't see anywhere else - all while making life-long memories with your daughter, granddaughter or niece! (Open to all riding levels)