horse camp FAQ'S

"What should I bring?"

              We have put together a list of all the items you may need.

                             Girl's Horse Camp: Click here for a printable pdf.

                             Boy's Wilderness Pack Trip: Click here for printable pdf.

"What forms do we need to submit?"

             We have 3 forms that are required to be submitted. These include a Riding Release/Waiver, a Photo Release and a Medical Release. You’ll receive emails with a link to complete the first two online. However, due to HIPA laws, we must have you print the Medical Release, complete and return via USPS. Please click here: Medical Release to print that document.

"My daughter loves to canter.  Will she be able to do so at camp?"

               Some limited loping may be included in the Original Wilderness Horse Camp.  However, Saddle Club will not lope to ensure the novice riders' safety.

"My daughter is 11 but an expert rider, can she join the Original Wilderness Horse Camp?"

               Unless girls have spent at least one summer camp with us in the past, it is important that they be at least 12 to join the Original Wilderness Horse Camp.  We would encourage her to come for the Saddle Club the first year, and then she can return the following summer for a longer and more in-depth experience.

"Can my daughter bring her own tack?"

               Yes, provided it's a western saddle.  It must have both a back cinch and a breast collar.  We also encourage riders to bring their own helmets if they have them.