Pack Trip Week


for the true “outdoorsy” girl who loves nature, horses and seeing new country…

2018’s Pack Trip week was a huge success and we had an amazing time in the back country! This camp is an “invitation only” group for those girl’s who’ve attended camp in the past and have been evaluated by the counselors as having the necessary skills and attitude for the trip. For those campers who’ve shown maturity, poise, excellent equestrian skills, a willingness to assist in camp and an interest in seeing new and exciting country, this camp is the logical next step in advancing their horse care, riding and back country skills.

Schedule: Monday is spent getting each camper acquainted with their mount, fitting saddles and heading out on a ride to make sure everyone is comfortable. On Tuesday a.m., campers pack up their sleeping bags and a small duffel of gear and drop them off at the pack station for the packer to load on the mules. They head over the catch & saddle their mounts and if they finish their task quickly enough, can come back and watch and learn some mule packing techniques. Once everyone is ready, the group heads off for their 3-day, 2-night adventure.

For 2019, we anticipate the trip consisting of a “loop” trip with one night each in 2 different camp locations, so that even girls who’ve attended this camp before will get to see some new country!

On Thursday they ride back to the pack station, typically arriving mid-afternoon. On Friday they will head out on another day ride before assisting in weekly wrap up of gear and horses in preparation for their departure home on Saturday.