Our Team

In January of 2016, Cornucopia Lodge and Pack Station came under new ownership and management. 

Jeff and Sara Artley

Jeff and Sara Artley


Jeff and Sara returned to Cornucopia after an 8 year absence.  Having worked for Cornucopia for several years in the the past, they are excited to reacquaint themselves with the area and it's residents (both 2 and 4 legged!).  Jeff ensures exacting standards are met in all horse and outdoor related activities as well as keeping all the cabins and equipment in top operating condition.

While Sara insists that she's "just an old camp cook", guests are adamant that her food rivals the finest restaurants.  In addition to setting a mean table, Sara also heads up the office, but, she still finds ways to spend an occasional day on the trail - either helping Jeff pack mules or leading trail rides.  Together, Jeff and Sara ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience while visiting Cornucopia.

Also shown in the picture is Josie, who we lost in August 2016.  But... be sure and prepare for lots of play from the the not-such-a-baby anymore, Border Collie, Miss Pickett! (Who ALSO has her OWN Instagram where you can follow her adventures! Just search for “MissPickettPup”!)

Pickett 2017.jpg


Chynna Keck

Chynna Keck

Housekeeping, Kitchen, Support Pin

Chynna is a key support pin in the construction of our Cornucopia Family structure.  Originally from Tacoma, WA, Chynna has been in Pine Valley and Hells Canyon for almost 2 years and is extremely happy to be here! 

Chynna is the right-hand girl for all of the lodge's tasks such as housekeeping, cooking / kitchen help, guest services and more!  She even shovels snow and helps maintenance staff as needed. 

We are very excited to have Chynna on board!

Heather Elliot

Heather Elliot

Head Horse Camp Counselor

Heather comes to us from Seattle and we’re excited (and a bit awed) over her lengthy and impressive experience as a “Cross-disciplinary researcher, consultant & contrarian with seven years Int’l & domestic initiative leadership (applying new approaches to ingrained problems)”. 

But, it’s her background as a wrangler and counselor at other ranches, and her fifteen years of riding in both English and Western disciplines, that truly solidified her suitability for the position of Counselor for our Wilderness Horse Camp.  As Heather noted, she “has seen the positive effects that working with horses can have both within and outside of a therapeutic setting”.  And, we know that her time with us will greatly impact and help define her future as she “pursues a career in counseling that incorporates equine therapy & work w/ children & adults.”

And, finally, as a wilderness and urban emergency medial technician, we can be supremely comfortable with her caring for, and leading, the girls’ on their daily rides.  With excellent leadership, communication, planning and skills in addition to all the above, we are looking forward to a fun and educational summer for both campers and us!

Asst Horse Camp Counselor

Kristie Brand

Kristie Brand

Kitchen / Housekeeping

Originally from, beautiful Southern Oregon, Kristie moved to Baker county almost a year ago.  She LOVES camping, the outdoors, the woods...and all its beauty and splendor.   According to Kristie, “the greatest reward in life is being a part of the moments in people's lives, that they will cherish forever.

Kristie started cooking at an early age with her grandmother, and “enjoy(s) cooking for others more than anything else on this planet!”.  She is most pleased when she sees “people smile, and walk away from meals full and happy, no matter what their diet limitations were.”

In addition to cooking, Kristie will be helping with housekeeping, reservations, guest relations and other duties.  We are confident that she’ll be a valuable and fun asset to our team!