Summer activities

(at Lodge & around the Area)


Rich in history, the general area - and Cornucopia in particular - provide ample opportunities to explore the past.  You may choose to wander the old town site (some of which is still privately owned, so please observe all posted signs).  Guests can even check out one of our new mountain bikes in order to visit the town! 

While many old mine sites have been collapsed, there are still signs of the equipment, as well as tailings and others workings left, for those who are more adventurous and choose to hike to some of the old adits.  For more information, please visit our "Area History" page.


There are many miles of trails, both near the lodge as well as those extending miles into the wilderness areas.  These can be explored via a day ride (click for more info), hiking, or you may borrow one of our new mountain bikes


For those looking for a more laid-back day, the Lodge is open 24/7 and we endeavor to provide cookies and coffee at all times.  We even have popcorn quite often!  Put up your feet, choose a good book and enjoy the fire.... or maybe play a game or take a nap.  You're always welcome.


Halfway -

A lovely little rural town, Halfway boasts 2 restaurants / bars (as well as 1 in Richland and another in the canyon), It also has a wonderful museum of local and mining history, a quilt store / esperesso shop, a liquor / gift store, 2 grocery stores,  a hardware and a Feed & Seed - as well as many delightfully unique structures to view.

Jet boat tours -

Hells Canyon Adventures offers a variety of jet boat tours and raft trips.


Brownlee Reservoir is world famous for it's Crappie Fishing (no, not crappy - Crappie!).  Several charter / guide operators are in the area.  We'd be happy to help you connect with one of them!

Or, you may choose to fish the wild section of the Snake River.  Hells Canyon Adventures can assist you with this and many other fishing opportunities.

other -

For additional area information, museum links, etc., please visit our "Area History & Info" page.