Summer & Horse FAQ's

"What are the limitations / requirements for height / weight on day rides and pack trips?"

             We have a weight limit of 240# for day rides and 225# for pack trips, which is strictly enforced.  Children must be at least 4' tall and able to follow instructions.  A short riding "test" may be required for some children.  This is to ensure their safety and enjoyment.  We feel strongly that a child's trail ride should be enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons.  If a child does not meet these requirements, a 15 minute "lead-around" in the corral may available.  All children under 18 are required to wear a helmet unless a parent signs off.

             For pack trips 2 nights or longer, all riders must be in reasonable shape and at least intermediate riders.  Riding level is determined by Pack Station manager and is based on type of riding and length of time you have been riding. 

"What do I need to know about bringing my own horse?"

             Thank-you for asking!!  The Wallowa's are a rocky, technical mountain range.  Your horse should be shod, in decent physical shape, and have some experience riding mountain trails.  It is not recommended that you bring your young or green-broke horse. 

             Additionally, it is your responsibility to know and understand the USFS regulations for trail riding &/or camping in the Wallowa's.  One pertinent publication, the Leave No Trace guidelines, can be accessed by clicking the link.  Additionally, you should click HERE for wilderness regulations specific to the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

"What are the trails like in this area?"

               These trails tend to be rocky and somewhat technical.  Several trails are quite steep and rocky for the first mile or two and then may level out some.  We really only have one trail that is level at the start, and that lasts about 2 miles before it starts climbing.  There are many stream crossings.  Some trails do cross shale slides, boulder fields, etc.  Although the trails are used often and so stay in a moderately - maintained condition, they are NOT typically maintained by USFS.  There are a few "loops" you can do, but they will typically take at least a full day if not more.  And, many are not well marked, although we do hope to remedy that in 2017 with some assistance from USFS.

"What elevation is the lodge and trail riding?"

                The lodge sits at 4700'.  All trails go up from there.  Pine Lakes is at about 7000' and is nearly 8 miles from the lodge.

"What should I bring on my pack trip / day ride?"

                  For a list of suggested items, please click Here.

"Do you require any releases or contracts for summer activities?"

                 Anyone riding our stock, or using one of our camps, must complete our Customer Agreement / Release form prior to beginning the activity.  We also ask that you complete the Riding Survey for any horse back activity.  Click HERE for the "Leave No Trace, Wilderness Etiquette & Hunting Information" form referenced on the release.

"What additional information should I know?"

                All backcountry users should be familiar with Leave No Trace practices and other applicable USFS rules and guidelines.  Please make sure you specifically review the USFS Regulations pertaining to the Eagle Cap Wilderness