ranch hunts

Note: These hunts are provided by Pine Valley Ranch.

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    Spring Turkey


   April l5 – May 3l

Three day (two bird limit) hunt along many miles of private, timbered creek and drainage bottoms.  Excellent habitat; high turkey population. Ambush, blind, and/or spot-and-stalk.

Casual fishing, and mushroom picking opportunities might be available, for those inclined, between hunts.


Spring Bear* (controlled tag)

$2500 - $2800 Combo

April 15 – May 31

                Five day, spot-and-stalk hunt, in rugged terrain.  Spring weather can produce anything from snow to warm sunshine.  Must be willing to hike for hours and be patient enough to sit and glass for hours.  Good population and color-phase variation.  Combo turkey hunt available.  Fishing and mushroom picking might exist for those interested.

General Bear


August 1 – November 30

                Hot weather, five day hunt confined mostly to early mornings and dusk hours.  This hunt can vary from seriously steep mountainside terrain to abandoned homestead orchards in drainage bottoms.


Controlled Buck Deer*


 An early fall/late summer, four-day (mule/deer) buck hunt in unpredictable weather and wildly varying terrain;  all of it rugged, some of it very mean, indeed.  Numerous, though widely dispersed bucks with some few and very elusive, trophy-class animals.


Controlled Rocky Mountain Bull Elk 1st*


A five day hunt focused on the infamous Sheep Mountain of Snake River.  This is an extremely physical hunt on a large difficult mountain in Hell’s Canyon country; some of the roughest topography in the contiguous United States.  Good elk population, numerous bulls of all ages.  True trophy class bulls are few and far between; but, they are there for those willing to risk the effort.

              General Rocky Mt. Elk (spike only)


Four day, “safari”-style spike-only elk hunt on Pine Valley ranch’s extensive and exclusive properties.  Perfect for senior citizens!

              Controlled Whitetail (muzzleloader)*

$3,200 or $3,500 Combo

Six day, either-sex whitetail hunt during deer rut; hunting the creek bottoms and brush covered hillsides of two adjacent ranch-valleys.  Whitetail bucks of all ages, Combo upland game bird option, for those interested in pursuing two species.