"Are there refrigerators, microwaves, bathrooms, coffee makers, linens in the cabin?"

             We do provide small refrigerators, as well as a 2-burner stove to be used for heating water for coffee and tea.  We ask that you do NOT cook in the cabins, but you are welcome to bring a camp stove and cook on the picnic table outside.  Or you may reserve dinner or lunch in the lodge, or drive to Halfway to enjoy the several restaurants there.  We have full bathrooms (shower, toilet, sink).  Due to limited power, we do not offer "coffee makers".  However, we do provide a coffee pot in which you can boil water for tea, hot chocolate or instant coffee (all provided). And, all your bedding, towels & amenities (soap, shampoo etc) are provided.

"Do the cabins have power?"

              Yes... BUT... we ARE off the grid. So every cabin has it's own battery bank that is charged via our central diesel generator.  The inverters for the cabins cannot handle large power loads, so you cannot run a regular hair dryer, but we do have low wattage ones for you to borrow - just ask!

               Other common items, such as laptops & phones are fine and can be used / charged at the cabins.  C-PAP machines, however, can only be used when NOTHING else is plugged in.  So, if you have a battery power source for your machine, you may want to bring it.

"What are the meal options?"

              Breakfast is included with all stays.  We ask that you do NOT cook in the cabins, but you are welcome to bring a camp stove and cook on the picnic table outside.  Or you may drive to Halfway to enjoy the several restaurants there or reserve dinner or lunch in the lodge.  We provide upscale dinners (all homemade) served family style.  Or you can request a hot lunch in the lodge or a sack lunch to take with you.

"What is the lodge room like?"

                The lodge room is a large, handicapped accessible room which is very well appointed.  There is no refrigerator or stove however. 

Lodge set for dinner

Lodge set for dinner

"Are pets allowed?"

                Yes, your well-behaved pet is allowed in cabins.  We do request no visitor dogs in the lodge, however.

"Can you drive to the cabins/lodge?"

                 During the summer, all cabins are easily accessible by vehicle.  In the winter, however, all vehicles must park at the turn around (6 miles down the road from lodge) and either come up by snowmobile or request a transport.  We do offer over-the-snow transport via a tracked SUV for a small fee.

"What are meals like?"

                We serve all meals family-style.  They are typically cooks choice, but dinners are upscale and entirely home-made.  Examples of dinners include Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Marsala, Stuffed Manicotti, Flank Steak, etc.  Each meal includes homemade breads, salad or soup, and dessert.  Ice tea and water are provided.  Beer and Wine may be purchased for in-house consumption.


"Do you serve alcohol?"

                 We do offer a very limited selection of beer and wine.

"Is there Wi-Fi or cell service or tv"?

                  While we have no tv's on site, you will be able to access Wi-Fi in the lodge.  Verizon users will also have cell service in the lodge, and most can text from their cabins.  Other cell providers do not have service.