hunting FAQ'S

"What are the season dates?"

               "NOTE: We encourage you to verify all dates and regulations yourself at ODFW.  YOU are responsible for researching and understanding all regulations pertaining to your hunt.  Dates may vary slightly by Hunting Unit.

               2017 Elk & Deer Archery Season: August 26th - September 24th

               2017 Deer Rifle Season: September 30th - October 11th

               2017 Rifle Elk Seasons: October 25th-29th (Branch Antler)                           & Nov 4th - 12th (Spike Only)

               2017 Bear Seasons: Spring Season April 15th - May 31st.                                                   Fall Season August 1st - November 30th.

"What are the mule guidelines and weight restrictions?"

               For Drop Camps, we allow 2 mules per camp plus one per hunter. 

               Supplied Camps, we allow one mule per person.

               We limit each mule to 150 pounds.  Remember that bulk (size) is as important as weight, however.  There is only so much room on a mule's side!  Bulk typically equates to about one large duffle bag per side.  Should you have too much stuff, you'll need to pull out some items to meet weight or bulk restrictions.

"Do you have contracts or forms we need to complete?"

                We do require a Customer Information / Release for anyone riding our horses or using our camps.  Please click link to access. 

"What do we need to know about staying in camp, or USFS regulation?"

                  It is your responsibility to familiarize with any and all USFS regulations pertaining to your activity.  One particular notification, the Leave No Trace guidelines, can be accessed by clicking the link.