Suggested Packing Lists for Day Rides or Pack Trips


  • A brimmed hat for shade (either ball cap or better yet, a hat with a brim all the way around).  HOWEVER... make sure your hat fits snugly.  Any hats that may be in danger of blowing off may be required to be removed or have a "stampede string" attached.
  • Either sunscreen or a long-sleeved shirt
  • A rain coat
  • A light jacket
  • Long pants (no shorts!!)
  • If you have a boot with a 1" heel, that is best.  We do have some saddles with "tapaderos" (toe covers to prevent your foot going through stirrup) but a heeled boot is always safest.  Absolutely NO flip-flops, sandals, etc.
  • Camera (we suggest that all camera's / phones be on lanyards or some other fastener to prevent dropping them.  A horse has an uncanny ability to step on dropped phones / cameras!)
  • Water bottle (if you have one that can fit into a saddle bag or be tied on the horn, that is best)



For pack trips, you will want all the above, plus some additional items noted below.  We hope to be posting a video of HOW to pack for your trip, in the spring, so check back soon!

  • Boots with 1" heels are required for all overnight pack trips.
  • Sleeping Bag (if you do not have one, let us know.  We may have a loaner)
  • Pillow (make sure it's small and portable - there are great "crushable" ones in the outdoor stores these days)
  • At least one warm layer (sweatshirt, warm pants/sweat pants, etc.)
  • "Camp shoes" - if you are planning on wearing cowboy boots, you may want a low-heeled option for hiking or around camp.  We like moccasins or tennis shoes.
  • Journal
  • Flashlight
  • Bug Spray
  • Personal Amenities (Environmentally friendly soap, etc.)
  • Any medications or special needs