backpacker faq's and packing guidelines


Let the mules do the hard work!

Backpacker support is perfect for those who are no longer as spry as they used to be, or for families with young children, or.... just someone who wants to rough it in comfort!  We'll pack your gear, you pack your lunch. 

We have THE BEST packers in the west.... but they're still only human!  So, there are some general guidelines and rules-of-thumb for you to be aware of.  First... a mule still only has so much space on each side of his saddle, so dimensions are important!  Also, packs on both sides need to be balanced, and not equal more than 150#.  And, finally, the packer has to be able to lift the loads up to get them ON the mule (i.e., please no 85# coolers).  If you ARE bringing coolers, use two smaller ones, and make each one no more than 40-50#.  This allows the packer to easily load them and still be able to pack a few other things on top.  This is also true of backpacks or other bags.  Please no big backpacks (especially no frame backpacks) or large duffel bags.  The best option is a variety of smaller bags which can be mixed and matched by the packer to make the perfect load. 

If you need to bring something outside of these guidelines (fishing poles, or other long or odd-shaped), or anything fragile, please call & visit with the packer first to ensure it can be done.