trail clearing weekend

June 30th - July 2nd

NO Cost (Unless you want a cabin instead of the Wall Tent camp)

Here's your chance to see some of the Eagle Caps, have a good time w/ like-minded people, AND get a free lunch (and breakfast and dinner!).  Bring your horse - we'll bring the food!

Friday, June 30th:  Show up this day - or not.  :)  We do have some free lodging available in our Wall Tent camp for those who would like it.  We'll get ourselves as organized as possible this evening w/ an eye to getting an early start on Saturday.

Saturday, July 1st:  Continental Breakfast at 6:30a.m.  Meet at the pack station at 7:30, ready to ride.  Hearty lunches will be provided.  2 crews (of hopefully 4 people each) will head out on 2 separate trails.  Each crew will have a crew leader.  If you have equipment useful to the process (i.e., cross-cuts, chainsaws, single-bucks, axes, etc.) let us know - we may be able to use some extras!  Dinner will be a buffet at the lodge, starting at 7pm (if your team is late getting back, we'll keep it hot for you!)

Sunday, July 2nd: If you're able to stick around and clear another day - GREAT.  We'll have the same general schedule as above, adjusted as necessary for whoever's available.  :)